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We Define Strategy. We Enable Transformation. We Guide Implementation.

Our mission is to help customers take advantage of technology and achieve their business goals in the most efficient way possible. We form IT strategies,
underpinned by strong supporting evidence, that result in decisions that deliver the most appropriate business outcomes.

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CoStratify selects Corent Technology to help clients build strategies and plans for digital transformation.

CoStratify selects Corent Technology to help clients build strategies and plans for digital transformation.

London, 28th August 2020 – CoStratify and Corent Technology today announce their partnership focused on building IT strategies for customers using Corent Technology’s SurPaaS® automated cloud platform.

CoStratify are leaders in developing strong ICT strategies and business cases for customers, ensuring decisions are based on evidence and aligned to the business need. At the centre of our mantra of “forming strong evidence for change” is our process and application called CoStratification. This calculates an organisations Total Cost Of Ownership, that analyses customer assets, costs, processes and challenges. We chose SurPaaS® to speed up our discovery process so we can spend more time with our customers helping them to solve the challenges they face. SurPaaS® is an end-to-end platform that allows leading service providers to take customers successfully through the entire cloud journey. Beginning with assessment and discovery of existing IT systems, SurPaaS® provides feasibility and pricing information for the adoption of cloud services. It then automates migration of legacy systems and provides ongoing optimisation and modernisation once on the cloud to ensure continued best practice and value for money.

CoStratify Co-Founder Andy Yates commented “Corent SurPaaS® has helped us to reduce the time spent on discovery by up to 50%, increasing accuracy and improving the quality of our deliverables whilst reducing the time to deliver. We particularly like how supportive Corent are in the delivery of the tooling and how attentive they are to our particular needs in how we extract, analyse and report on the data that SurPaaS® finds.” Jeremy Neal, UK Manager for Corent Technologies said: “We are delighted to be working with CoStratify, a unique type of partner for Corent with a unique approach and value proposition in the UK market. What is so great about the CoStratify approach is that it provides a fully costed TCO for the existing IT environment – a really solid foundation and start-point for any organisation thinking about adopting and using cloud services”

About Corent Technology

Corent Technology, Inc. is a leading innovator in the cloud migration and SaaSenablement technology space. Corent’s SurPaaS® Platform is used by key enterprises, system Integrators and cloud providers to enable rapid discovery, analysis, planning, optimisation, and migration to the cloud; and optionally, automated transformation of software applications to efficient, scalable SaaS.

Corent is managed by a team of industry veterans from Microsoft, IBM, HP, EMC, Oracle, and VMware among others.

For more information about Corent, please visit www.corenttech.com and to contact Corent please drop a note to info@corenttech.com.

About CoStratify

CoStratify’s mission is to ensure we help customers gain the most value from their IT. Our goal is to help you choose the right approach, technology and services in a deliberately strategic way. We believe in continuously helping to inform our clients of these choices as they navigate the challenges and constraints in realising a successful digital transformation for their organisation.

For more information visit www.costratify.com and to contact CoStratify email info@costratify.com.

CoStratify – Forming strong evidence for change

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