Our Mission

We Define Strategy. We Enable Transformation. We Guide Implementation.

Our mission is to help customers take advantage of technology and achieve their business goals in the most efficient way possible. We form IT strategies,
underpinned by strong supporting evidence, that result in decisions that deliver the most appropriate business outcomes.

Find What You Need

  • Highly detailed evidence-based roadmap focused on justification and readiness for change
  • Great for delivery of digital roadmaps and IT strategies
  • Actionable insight aligned to delivery roadmap
  • Delivered as a fixed price, fixed outcome project
  • Provides the basis on which to perform transformation enablement.
  • Provided in a flexible, co-working delivery model

Reflect & Effect

Organisations can no longer get by without technology. It is intrinsic in almost every process and operation we complete in our working and personal lives. At CoStratify we see technology as a business enabler and is fast becoming a differentiator between organisations.


We find, those organisations that understand how technology can improve their business, are the ones that are more closely engaging with their customers to know their needs, and are consistently delivering exceptional value and quality to their clients.


The purpose of the roadmap service is to increase understanding and transparency across multiple business and technology perspectives, increasing transparency and understanding within your organisation to squeeze every drop of value, capability and efficiency from your IT service.

Service features

  • Fixed price, fixed outcome approach to delivery


  • Strong focus on the value of IT service to the business


  • Detailed assessment based on your data, delivered in partnership with your teams


  • 8 to 12 week engagement with a mix of on-site and remote working

Service Benefits

  • Rapidly identify focus of change and innovation that will quickly increase value of IT to your business


  • Gain greater cost transparency of IT, identifying opportunities for reduction in cost


  • Move to a proactive rather than reactive model of IT delivery, freeing up resources in IT to innovate


  • Drive long term stability, quality, and value that reduces cost and increases efficiency through common direction


  • Change behaviours across your organisation to drive value together from IT

Our Roadmap Service can be broken down into three distinct packaged offerings…

These packages provide different levels of investigation, depending on your circumstances. The majority of customers go straight to the full strategy but we understand some customers prefer a phased approach

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