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Are You Leveraging Your Root Cause Data Effectively?

Are You Leveraging Your Root Cause Data Effectively?

How often do you really drill down into the depths of your data to find the root cause of a recurring problem? 

At CoStratify, when we talk about ‘root cause data’, we are referring to the indicators within your data that could highlight common routes or signs for concern. A lot of organisations already have this data available to them but just aren’t leveraging it to their best advantage.  

And it’s no surprise. When organisations have different clusters of data scattered all over the place, it's easy to miss and overlook the trends that could indicate the root cause of issues arising in your organisation. It's only when you start assembling all your different data elements and look at all the calls and data that you have that you start coming down to your root causes.

A good example of this is when we first started working with One Manchester Housing. 

“We were already down a path in terms of thinking about change. But what they were quickly able to do is give us a baseline for our assumptions and challenge some of our assumptions. They helped us to understand our true cost to serve much better, which is massively important because as a registered provider of housing association we want to offer value for money in everything we do.” 

- Nicole Kershaw, One Manchester Housing  

The thing is, you can't transform an organisation based on what you think it should be. You need to base the transformation on what’s actually happening within the organisation and with your tenants for the transformation to be successful… 

  • Are there any patterns in the data that commonly indicate where things are going really wrong like missing a first rent payment or stopping contacting you about a big problem?  
  • Is there a specific point in their journey with your organisation where problems tend to arise? 

Bad management of housing doesn't happen overnight. It happens over a number of years where small insights and pointers like this are overlooked.  

With new regulations placing more responsibility on CEO’s and landlords rather than the tenants, and the potential for unlimited fines being introduced within the social housing sector, using existing data to understand root causes and mitigate issues has become more important than ever. 

By using technology to bridge this gap and bringing in a solution that collates all of those clusters of data together, you will end up with a master data record which allows you to drill down into the granular data to really understand a customer or tenancy journey.

When you are busy working inside of the organisation, it can often be difficult to separate yourself enough from the task at hand in order to achieve an unbiased understanding of the root cause data.  

If you think your organisation could benefit from an independent perspective to help bridge these data gaps and identify trends in the data, book a free call with us today. 

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