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Why 70% of Digital Transformation projects FAIL...

Why 70% of Digital Transformation projects FAIL...

An astounding statistic from Forbes and McKinsey found that 7 in 10 digital change projects failed to successfully meet their intended goals in 2018 (ref).

Since then, there has been little to no improvement in that statistic, with many organisations still struggling to get their digital transformations off the ground. And, more importantly, gaining them a good return on their IT investment.  

As with many things, there is no one big issue or easy fix that is preventing transformation projects from succeeding. But, at CoStratify, there is one common mistake we see time and time again in organisations struggling to get their digital change project off the ground… 

They fail to consider the overall digital strategy that’s already in place and approach the project in isolation from the rest of the organisation. 

Why is this a problem?

The problem with approaching a digital transformation project from this perspective is that it can create a divide within the organisation. When people don’t feel fully informed or confident in the proposed change, they often resist it.  

Without considering the digital strategy and processes already in place, it will be difficult to demonstrate the value that this new technology can bring to everyone affected by the change. This can create a divide within the organisation as stakeholders don't fully understand the deliverables they should expect from this new IT or understand the value this brings to the organisation as a whole. This can cause people to put up barriers and stick with the practices they know until it's too late and the transformation project fails. 

What makes a successful digital change project?  

In our free guide on “The 11 common mistakes organisations make in digital transformations” we use the example of the introduction of digital check-in kiosks in the NHS.  

In the old days, patients suffered long queues to the reception desk where they’d be checked in by a receptionist. The next step forward saw patients being greeted by friendly-faced volunteers who would take their details and check them in using a digital kiosk. Now, the NHS has moved to self-service kiosks and digital self-check in systems. 

If they had moved straight from a reception desk to a self-service kiosk, without having volunteers to assist the transition, it would likely have confused, frustrated and isolated many (if not most) patients. And, as we see with many transformation projects and can lead to people resisting the imposed change and sticking to what they already know and have been doing for years.  

This is where an independent consultant could become an invaluable resource within your business. They can become the common language between departments to identify the most effective roadmap to change, where everyone's needs and requirements are considered and explain the value of the change project to everyone involved. 

We’ve walked this path many times, with over 35 customers in a range of sectors. So, if you’d like help getting your next digital transformation underway, or want some clarity on a transformation already in progress, contact us today to find out more about our Roadmap Service 

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